We started our first online Art business that is GLOBO ARTE Art Magazine back in March 2020 till then we have grown our Instagram page and other social media platform and also supporting and helping artists in getting more online exposure for their art, so after collecting feedback from various artists we found that most of the artists struggle with marketing and promotion of their art, so we are here to help them by starting with this social media marketing program now.

Together with our team, we will work with you to establish your social media marketing goals and help you to achieve them

Would you like professional help in creating a powerful social media presence for your art?

Do you want to focus on creating art or marketing it?

Our program packages are made to help you in focusing on your art and we will handle your social media marketing and getting you the best results.

We will help you-

1) In planning for your social media strategy, especially Instagram strategy.

2) Maximize the full power of social media to help you get more reach.

3) Creating a powerful community around your artist profile.

4) Helping you with starting your art business online.

We have a personalized coaching program to help you in setting yourself for your art dream

Our Packages


Develop Instagram page
Working on Instagram bio
Place an average of 15 posts
Catchy caption
Relevant hashtags


Develop Instagram page
Working on Instagram bio
Place an average of 30 posts
Catchy caption
Relevant hashtags

Will get 10% off on our Artist coaching program

Let’s get started- initial consultation is free

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