Even after planning and doing all that stuffs at times things happened without us knowing what to do and how to do and how to deal with that.

So today I will share one of my secret weapon that helped in my unexpected situations.

Often people are very tight with money they set the amount of money for specific purpose and sometimes those things doesn’t happen as we thought it would be.

So what to do now well this secret weapon is to always keep extra money for your expenses even after the exact planning because their are times things would fail without our control so keeping will help you in those unexpected situations.

Foe example if you want to keep 5000 dollars for all your monthly bills I would Tell to keep extra 500 or 1000 dollars more as sometimes sudden unexpected emergencies come so if you keep extra then you have money in your hand to spend on that unexpected emergencies and you won’t panic or freak out.

Want to know more about it? Then watch my youtube video here

Hopefully it helps let’s me know what you think


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