Not sure whether recession is coming or not but we can prepare ourselves and manage our money and our businesses.

I will share few tips with you to deal with it

It’s entirely based on my experience and knowledge so please take my advice with grain of salt.

  1. Have some money as a cash in your hands anytime you can use it if in case any emergency arise.
  2. Have some investment strategy- at the time of recession market is down so you can invest in stocks and can expect to get return in next decade or so.
  3. Do the market analysis- look at past years and study the market and then decide what is best for you.
  4. Last listen to yoir intuition your heart will tell you what you need to do give some time and space to listen to it and since it’s your money so your decision should be final not others.

Hopefully you find it useful

For more detail information watch the video here


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