There are so many advices and suggestions about money in online and offline space but do we really need an advice?

Disclaimer- everything that I will share is based on my experience and knowledge so far its not an expert advice so please take my advice with grain of salt

Well today I will answer this question based on my own experience and knowledge so far running my business from 2 years.

Answer to this question is Yes and no

Yes if you are just starting and don’t have any knowledge then you might need some advice.

And no as once you gain some experience and knowledge you might not be needing a one

But whatever the case you should look and ask yourself do you need a one or don’t.

As consuming lots of information just creates an extra stuffs in your brain which you might not even need it.

So filtering it time and on time is important

Now I will share things and tips with you regardless of your situation.

  1. Listen to all but follow your heart- listen to everyone but do what makes you feel right to do it as we have have answers inside us.
  2. Carry you brain wherever you go to filter things out what’s needed and what’s not.
  3. Learn as you go- just build skills and knowledge as you go in your journey.
  4. Test drive- experiment and explore and see what works for you and what doesn’t.
  5. Journal the things out on piece of Paper to figure it for yourself as it became easy once we have everything on piece on paper.

I have an entire video talking about this thing in more depth watch it out here.

Hopefully these tips will help you let me know what you think


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