There are so many ways to fund your business but here are few

  1. Your savings – if you have any kind of savings from your job or anyway you can use it for funding your business.

2. Taking loans- whether from Bank or from some investors or from family friends.

3. Borrowing money – you can borrow money from family friends.

4. Investors – this is also now a days common way to fund your business like angel investors or other investors.

5. Govt funds or grants – can also be a great as govts or even private companies give away small business grants.

6. Starting from 0 dollars there are many online business ideas that you certainly need very less money or no money at all just a phone or laptop with internet connection for that.

7. Using credit cards – you can also use your credit cards for paying for your business.

for more in depth information, I have my youtube video describing in depth you can watch here

Now there could be more ways to but here are few common ways Hopefully you find it useful let me know what you think


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