About Circlism: I believe I have attempted to draw a circle more times than any human being in history. I have documented well over 4,000,000 attempts to draw a circle! Circlism is my style/technique. Each circle is drawn by hand- one at a time. I stumbled upon the meditative act of drawing circles by chance. In 1985 I did a drawing for my Mom. It was a rendering of her new dog. Circlism #1: To render the background of pea-stones, I drew each one individually! I HAD FOUND IT! Drawing circles -the ultimate release for my OCD! Since the pandemic hit the U.S., I have not been able to relax enough to get into the state of mind necessary to create Circlisms. Instead, I have been creating a digital self-portrait DAILY (to date: 313 self-portraits) to chronicle my journey through this global and personal nightmare

6.5 x 4.5 in. estimate at 120 x 90 = 10,800 individually drawn circles

Art -Lady With Parasol 4.5 x 6.5 in.4/30/16

Artist credit – Robert Joseph Moreau

Instagram: @robert_joseph_moreau


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