Artist Statement-

Title: Caribbean Spice (2020) mixed media description of the piece: A realistic scale model of a trader situated at the Elephant and castle Shopping Centre, London. This piece stands as a symbol to the gentrification of the Elephant and Castle community. The gentrification and demolition of the shopping center will leave many traders and people in the community displaced. The model highlights the weathering and age to the infrastructure, encompassing the beauty in the elements of the environment that are often overlooked through its exploration of materiality. The model uses found materials on-site at the shopping center. The piece documents a specific moment in time, preserving its memory in an intimate, involved way.

Short artist statement: Katie is a multidisciplinary artist based in London, England. Katie’s work is often inspired by contemporary culture which is explored across platforms such as film, illustration, print and sculpture.


Artist credit – Katie Butler

Instagram: @killustratess


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