Edouard Teulières  

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/edouard_teulieres/?hl=fr 

Born in 1979.  

Former financial adviser, currently French copywriter and author, I started  drawing during first quarantine in 2020.  

I have always been attracted by drawing, but I have never daring to try it. Finally,  « thanks to » first quarantine in 2020, I got time to start and practice a bit  seriously.  

I mostly try to reproduce real or fictional landscapes in black and white or with  color pens.  

I am not stuck with a specific art area, type or movement. I like Monet as well as  Hugo Pratt, Roy Lichtenstein, Hokusai and Jean Giraud.  

Recently, I discovered amazing artists like Christoph Niemann, Simon Bailly,  Honniball.s or Kim Jung Gi.  

Coming from Bordeaux, I also admire the work of Max Ducos,  Jo Brouillon or Damien Elliott.   

I consider before esthetic, art is more about feelings. It is mostly the meeting between an artist and an audience. This is also why traditional or modern  medias are interesting to know better new artists or famous master pieces: good  luck if you try to sight a van Gogh at Tate Modern among the crowd… 


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