This triad of portraits aims to enhance female beauty understood as sensuality, sweetness, elegance, charm.

The grace of the pose, the movements, the delicacy of the hands that lean on the face and brush the lips. The beauty of the eyes, dark , large and shiny , the depth of the gaze, sweet, a little melancholy, almost mysterious, the softness of the lips. 

I chose Arianna as a model for my drawings because I think she can best represent the kind of beauty I describe as refined, seductive at the same time and never vulgar.

I was trained as a fashion illustrator but now I’m starting to tackle realistic portraits as well. I often invent the faces of my illustrations, but here I wanted to represent something that was as real as possible. 

The technique I use in all the drawings are pastel colors. Here for the first time I wanted to experiment with a black and white portrait done with pastel grayscale. 

Full name : Silvia Abate 
Instagram link : @silvyabate


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