Artist Statement:

 To me, art is the truest expression of what we think as intangibles- like our feelings, thoughts, the reflection of our soul. Art provides us with limitless opportunities where such intangibles can be transformed into something we can make the viewer’s sense or feel and make deeper connections with fellow humans. 

Art Submission  – Paradoxical

This artwork is a depiction of how two people are isolated and yet they aren’t. Our perception of “Isolation” can change depending on how we look at this in various dimensions. Emotional (Never out of heart or mind)Spiritual (Can never be apart despite physical void when there is a connection of the soul) or Scientific (Time-Space continuum / parallel universe)So, I would like to think of isolation as a word associated with physical dimensions alone, as there are indeed many more dimensions, making the word quite paradoxical! Acrylic on handmade paper 20 x 15 cm, Mar 2020. Picture shot in natural light.




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