Art Title: If You Love Me Read Me A Book As a painter and graphic designer, I find most of my inspiration in fragments of nature held close for reflection. I employ a personal glossary of fluid marks and organic symbolism to express the sensual pleasure and evanescent quality of the natural world. Within this dimension, my work varies from authentic to abstract, and I have continuously moved along the continuum between the two. I tend to work until the work is done in one go and then I come back to it for a review a day or two later.

Recently I have reconnected to my love of watercolors and have been exploring ways to connect painting and digital art processes. I am also exploring the conversation between Photography and Painting, despite the fact that I am not using a camera.

There is also a seasonal and trending aspect to this process. I am often looking for inspiration on hikes and the offer of mother nature changes with the seasons. The color varieties, the structure of plants alluding to the passage of time, and the episodic nature of the material itself, all speak to a spot in me that shapes more connection to the natural world.

Artist credit – Diana Juricova

Instagram- @la_queen_dee_design


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